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Universal Comedian – Desi Brother V S City Brother Comedy is a form of entertainment that is meant to be humorous & amusing, whether in literature, film, television, theatre or stand-up. The goal of most comedy examples is to induce laughter in the audience. The word comedy comes from the Greek word which originally meant a play with a happy ending. The Greek philosopher Aristotle termed comedy as an imitation of men who are worse than average.

There are many different forms of comedy, such as black comedy, screwball comedy, parody, dramatic irony, farce, satire, innuendo, pun, comedy of manners, sarcasm, romantic comedy,  burlesque,  and self-deprecation. Different forms of comedy are more popular in different cultures and in different eras. Over time the word slowly began to take on the humorous connotation that we know it as now. There are many different understandings and meanings of humor in different cultures and throughout the ages. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are considered comedies because of the subject matter and how they end. Subscribe Channel – “Universal Knowlenge”
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black comedy, screwball comedy, parody comedy, dramatic irony comedy, farce comedy, satire comedy, innuendo comedy, pun comedy, comedy of manners, sarcasm comedy, romantic comedy, burlesque comedy, and self-deprecation comedy

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