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Unspun With Matt Forde – and new series of the political comedy starts on Wednesday 1st March, 10pm on Dave.

One of the most exciting voices in political comedy returns to Dave with a brand-new and exclusive run of the show that once again provides a topical, fearless weekly look at the world of Westminster and beyond.

Recorded the day before airing, this UKTV Original features reactions to the fast-changing news agenda, interviews with leading political figures and additional reporting from international comedians including Andy Zaltzman and Phil Wang and music from Matt’s house band MP4, the world’s only parliamentary rock group whose members are all serving, or former politicians.

At the heart of each Unspun With Matt Forde will be an in-depth discussion with one of Britain’s leading political figures. Fresh from the news of Brexit, series one saw Matt grill some of the UK’s most talked about politicians including Chuka Umunna, Ruth Davidson, Nick Clegg and Anna Soubry. Guests for this second series are still TBC.
Unspun With Matt Forde takes an irreverent look at politics and politicians in 2017, a time where political satire has never been more essential.

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  1. We're not trying to negotiate with 27 countries, just one supra-national organization.

    It's not our fault they can't decide which way is up.

  2. The chubby blond brother of John Oliver, from a comedy channel like Dave, not afraid to be coarse, which used to cater mostly to adult men, this takes a suprising bias to the left. Dave's audience won't buy it.

    The world of politics is not the most "unpredictable" its ever been at all, you lying fools are just always wrong…people who are blinded by bias and neglect the facts and ignore the common, normal man will never make good predictions.

  3. To be honest, if you're looking to Dave to provide your political news and commentary you need to get your shit together

  4. Are you sure Trump is being petulant?

    That word is better suited to describe his opposition

  5. Matt forde is a hypocritical tosser,he says that Trump gets overly offended when it is the exact opposite. It is the leftists and SJW's who ate getting offended. This man is fake news and a Cuck!!

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