Vegan Girl Tries To Roast PewDiePie

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Vegan Girl Tries To Roast PewDiePie

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  1. I've watched a bunch of your videos and they're alright.. buuuut You haven't roasted anyone as far as i'm concerned.

  2. See this is why people hate us vegans are rude and insane because of crazy people like this. The girl honestly needs to just needs to be quiet and back up. I am vegan and I don’t ever and I mean EVER try to make people stop eating meat. Like she is literally insane. I don’t want to be vegan after like I completely agree with JustDestiny

  3. I don’t tell people that I’m vegetarian because if I do I always get “Since your vegetarian does that mean you don’t suck dick?”

  4. Um she has no core message when she is sitting on a bed complaining about people making money on video games

  5. I’m so smart that I want to eat a salad every day for the rest of my life to save an animal that’s going to die anyway

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