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Are you infected?

Think about it.

This video satire is intended to start a conversation. It is a call to action. What could YOU do to help alleviate the spread of this disease? Please comment, share or even post a video response. After you stop laughing that is.

Political distractions are not a new phenomena, they have been going on since politics began. People in authority who have power want to stay that way and often use tactics to placate or distract us from anything that might keep them from retaining that power.

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  1. Love this satire and how accurate most of it is these days! I find myself just shutting off social media or news due to the redundancy of the messages (on all sides of certain issues). I am fully capable of forming my own opinions on most topics and do not need or enjoy hearing others scream their views over and over again without listening and/or offering change and solution.

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