Viral Video UK: Pirate Cat!

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Viral Video UK: Pirate Cat!

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In this episode of Viral Video UK: Pirate Cat!
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  1. It's just not as cute when you realize that the cat

    Is actually on four legs and the hands are not real. Still cute though

  2. so this cat teaches us not to smoke, but to dress up like we smoke…and use cannons…and and dress like drunk ex- y.m.c.a cast member…

  3. STOP SICK VIDEOS !!! 🙁 ○ This is 112 % cruelty to animals and shows why some people should not have pets, but get Barbie-dolls … ○ It's no wonder if pets sometimes feel an urge to kill it's owner and I think You'll find even rabbits may like to stampede some owners – so have respect for other beings than humans . Why ? Because You'll get it back ! 😉

  4. Amazing that so many people find this torture of animals "cute" ! ○ I think we have become so politically correct that we've lost the true natural sense of empathy towards our closest surroundings and because of fashionable globalistic saviour-syndroms we have no longer a genuine respect for real harmony; religions are ruling and dictating societies … AGAIN !!!

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