“Was That Sarcasm?” – Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

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  1. HahahahaXD…..

    Sheldon: Was that sarcasm?

    Penny: No

    Sheldon Was that sarcasm?

    Penny: Yes

    Sheldon: was that sarcasm?

  2. hmm… don't you have better things to do instead of expressing a comment thats been said 1000 times before(Though some have seen how stupid they are and deleted them) I don't understand why people are fixating on the fact that i just took 1 minute to write a comment because i thought it was funny, i mean you could just scroll down on the page and press like if it botherd you that much in the first place, oh well….

  3. Leonard: Hey, Penny. How was work?

    Penny: Great. I hope Iā€™m a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory for my whole life. (sarcastic)

    Sheldon: Was that sarcasm?

    Penny: No. (sarcastic)

    Sheldon: Was that sarcasm?

    Penny: Yes. (truthfully)

    Sheldon: Was that sarca..

    Leonard: Stop it!

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