Wealth Gap: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses America’s growing wealth gap and why it may be a problem in the future.

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  1. I’m a part of a millionaire family, but I think the estate tax should exist. The system is very rigid, I was luckily born into wealth, but many people aren’t. We need to fix the wealth gap in this country

  2. Watching these Pre Trump videos is fucking crazy… Hard to believe this was even an issue back then after the clusterfuck we've been through since!

  3. Is there anyone that can tell me what Warren G Harding named his penis because I'd Google it but I'm scared of what I might dig up

  4. I'm not against the death tax since it only applies to people who are extremely wealthy. Though I don't have a problem with the current "wealth gap." I personally feel like I have pretty much achieved the american dream. I am an RN, making 50k a year, no more debt, living on a budget, currently renting but saving for a house. Net worth isn't that high at the moment, but it only goes up from here. I think if you organize your finances on a strict budget, keeping track of your spending and prioritize on building wealth, you will do better than the grand majority of Americans.

  5. Hey John last time I looked poor people don't give us jobs. Also, who gives a fuck if people want to make money? At least in America you have a chance to become wealthy.

  6. John Oliver's annual salary = $2 Million. Seems to be a legit talking point for a multi-millionaire who hosts a comedy show. Nothing like a liberal elitist discussing "income inequality" LOL
    Bernie Sanders typical despises wealthy people like John Oliver……..

  7. There's only one real fight in this world, and that's class warfare. They'd rather talk about literally anything else to split us up. Class warfare is the way of the world. RICH vs POOR.

  8. I am from Poland. Trust me… you do not want to have communism – you just are unaware of it yet.
    Stephen… evolution is a lottery. And without it you would be still an ameba.

  9. Cinnamon was great to get what a "petrol gag- don´t puke" challenge is for cocaine fans. You puke out the petrol, small flame on tires.

  10. Shocking how hypocritical Fox and republicans are. Income inequality has become worse and worse and a President who campaigned on "draining the swamp" literally put the swamp monsters in the white house. I feel like I'm living in some alternate surreal dream reality where half the country has lost their fucking minds. Holy shit. Fox News spreads propaganda and lies and over time these people start internalizing and identifying with these contradicting ideas. It takes years of parroting the same lies to develop their connected identity, how can we undo that? Mere facts can't change ideas people have absorbed into who they are, and fail to see the hypocrisy. It's pure insanity.

    Love you tho! Thanks for making me laugh lol. Just wish this didn't highlight the insanity and hypocrisy happening in 2018. Yikes.

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