What It’s Like To Have Kids In Your 20’s?

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What It’s Like To Have Kids In Your 20’s?

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Some say being president is the hardest job in the world, but Nathalie Jomard disagrees. According to this French artist, there is nothing tougher than raising a child, and she has created playful and honest illustrations to prove it.

From huge body changes to not being able to peacefully go to the bathroom, Nathalie included a lot of the struggles women go through during different stages of maternity, and it’s a real eye-opener for anyone who takes their mom for granted. Scroll down for the images, vote for your favorite ones and let us know in the comments if you agree that motherhood is the most responsible ‘position.’

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  2. I'll give everyone a few tips

    Don't have kids too early
    Don't go to work
    Feed them what they like
    Don't be bad to them
    I am a child expert

  3. Had to watch to see what I missed! Phew! I'm an aunt/mom now in my 40's. Glad I missed all that! I like being a mom at my age!

  4. Why does it say "in your 20's"? I have birth to my kids at 28 and 30 respectively and it is still happening! LMAO!!! (I'm 32 tomorrow…)

  5. Scoop: what did you put in your video two hours ago that YouTube removed?!!! lol I didn't even get a chance to see it!! Lol

  6. Im 23 and i just had my first kid, shes only 15 weeks and its been easy but then again not. We didnt plan on being parents so early but i love it. Im so glad shes in my life and i would never regret having her. She makes life bareable and have a purpose. Plus shes the most adorable hilarious baby in the entire planet haha. (For now till she gets older) haha thats when i heard the dream becomes a nightmare you can never wake from lol

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