What The Alex Jones Shutdown Scandal and Conspiracy Shows Us, Emma Stone Backlash, and More…

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First all-new PDS of the week! Hope you enjoy, leave me those comments and I’ll see ya tomorrow.
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  1. HAPPY MONDAY! I mean, not really… it's a Monday. But hey, at least there's a new PDS to help ease the pain. hahahaha.

    Go ahead and skip around or watch the whole thing… maybe even both? 😉

    Louisiana Car Crash Tragedy and Confusion: (00:06)
    Emma Stone Oscars Backlash: (4:35)
    Douchebags of the Day: (6:43)
    Alex Jones YouTube Conspiracy: (8:13)

  2. While the police officer is 100% in the wrong, it’s not that hard to strap your child into a car seat correctly. Both people are at fault. It’s possible if she’d have strapped her child in correctly, then the baby would still be alive.

  3. I am so horrified and terrified that people exist who wants to hurt people and animals. The only thing I can take away from that story is the good people who reported the disturbed monsters who did that to the animal.

  4. If the child wasn't restrained properly, the mother is partly to blame, but the accident itself was caused by the officer, so he should get the brunt of the punishment. The mother should be charged with negligence

  5. Youtube always bans videos for violating the "harassment / bullying" community guidelines. None of them involve harassing or bullying anyone in particular. Pretty lame excuse for ongoing political censorship & overreach on Youtube's part

  6. god dayum that first story is so difficult. its horrible to ahve a lost a child in such a terrible accident, but who would put there child in a car seat that was not fitted properly, and not then strap your child in 🙁

  7. I honestly don't understand the controversy about the cat thing (I do technically, but only because I know how inconsistent and unreasonable human beings are). Yes, I think it's terrible, but why would you be outraged over something like that if you eat any sort of meat at all? And we all know full well that 99 percent of people who are "outraged" at this eat burgers and pepperoni pizza. "Animal welfare" laws really annoy me because they pick and choose for no good reason what animals to protect. So I can eat my smart pig but I can't eat my dumb dog? No, I would never want to eat a dog, but it's this logical inconsistency and hypocrisy that annoys me and makes me oppose anything animal rights out of spite. If people were more fair about it then it wouldn't bother me so much.

  8. Imma be real, there is no freedom of speech enforced here in America, or we wouldn't be having this demonetization discussion constantly.

  9. If you gotta get rid of a kitten… just put it for sale. Just dont kill it. And dont drag it behind a jeep wtf. Meth heads.

  10. A more interesting question is, suppose the next day another person gets stopped for speeding at 94 miles per hour on the same exact road in the same exact conditions, but there is no accident or injury. Should the second person be charged with the same crime as the first person?

  11. I literally almost threw up after the animal torture story. Why is the world so awful. Like abuse against an animal or a child is such a disgusting thing, the power dynamic makes it monstrous and we should all have the empathy and respect to protect those that can't protect themselves.

  12. They Jones because he calls out the truth ! youtube twitter, facebook is all left wing crap trying to stop free speech !

  13. Hey Philip. I am aware Sandy Hook is a sensitive subject and raising accusation that it was a 'hoax' is not to be done lightly. But this particular video https://youtu.be/m1yfJDCMU64 raises a lot of questions that remain unanswered. It would be great if you could go through it and give your thoughts.

  14. What in the actual fk? How fking crazy do you have to be to kill a cat like that? What is WRONG with these guys??

  15. the cat thing fucked me all up.

    i'm a fucked up and violent person. i've never done anything violent, but the kinds of shit i think about while trying to sleep after hearing a story like that are worthy of a new Saw movie.

  16. maybe the 10000 youtube censors all live in, let's say, cali… probably lots of left leaning folk that don't like any right leaning content and smack it down. Welcome to the culture war, enjoy your stay.

  17. I don't understand how some people can be so cruel. Poor kitten. ;_; There is something seriously wrong with those people.

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