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“Isn’t it just lying?”
(From The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 2). Watch The Good Doctor Mondays at 10|9c on ABC!



  1. "I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy. I can't tie my own shoes but i can perform emergency open-heart thoracic surgery in this parking lot. All i need is a soda bottle and a pocket knife…."

  2. The portrayal of Autism by Freddie Highmore is amazing, It's almost as good as Keir Gilchrist in "Atypical" I feel like Keir Gilchrist did a way better job, but freddie is also top notch.

  3. I hate Dr. Maledez he is cruel to those who are different than him he is too prejudice he doesn't belong in the medical field.

  4. if you think you can have a head of surgery in America who doesn't know how to talk to people or do basic mundane tasks, you must have quite a low iq. or eq.

  5. I have a autistic guy in my human atatomy at first he was really annoying and overdramatic but now everyone loves him and thinks he's hilarious get to know them before you judge

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