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Celebrity chef, author, and television personality Anthony Bourdain has died at the age of 61, by an apparent suicide. As news of his death spread online, we saw an incredible outpouring of tributes and memorials.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 /

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

Additional resources:


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  1. Shouldering too much, hiding too much, wearing way too heavy a mask for everyone, information overload and then you hit the wall at 200 miles/hour but no one notice because you have become way too good at hiding. They cannot help because you never asked for help, your ginormous Ego is in the way. If he had remained a line cook, he would have been alive today. Fame takes a toll. Perhap the Actors guild should make it mandatory for Actors and actress to do yearly Psych test and evaluation. And give them a suicide grade. Fail the grade, and you take an extended break from public to rest.

  2. like several others who "apparently" committed suicide this week, he was connected to the Clintons… :/

  3. Suicides increase by 30% nation wide when the media reports on celebrity suicides (according to the CDC).

  4. Thank you for your words. As I read the notice about Anthony before getting out of bed this morning, I've had no words….. Just much sorrow.

  5. The problem with depression and suicidal thoughts is you're battling an inner demon and don't want to be a constant burdon on anybody, so you live in constant pain until it becomes to much.

  6. What about Kate Spade? Was her suicide not a wake up call too? I’ve never actually come across this man, but like any death it’s very sad.

  7. Why is it the world is shocked and moan a celebrities suicide then go up in arms about mental illness, just to forget it soon after. It's the same as those kids bullied who decide to shoot up a school

  8. that quote is meant for those who have the luxury of travel. some cant even leave their house let alone their country.

  9. Sure, once you are in the spotlights and you talk bad about certain people with a dirty background and a positive image in the paid media, you run the risk to be found due to "suicide". Check some news regarding his GF

  10. Depression is the worst thing that a person can have. I have been with this problem all my life and its not easy to deal with it.
    Anthony Bourdain, God bless you up in heaven.

  11. What I admired most about Anthony was his humility. He was so very human. Flawed and exceptional all in one. I and the will truly miss him. Rest in peace.

  12. I don't even know the number for the hotline in my country, last I jokingly ask a group of friend they said casll the emergency number. Not that I need to call.

    Not anytime soon. but I'd lend both my ear for whoever needs it.

  13. He did A Cook's Tour for Food Network before No Reservations. Check the Wikipedia page for all the TV shows he was involved with.

  14. I actually cried when I heard about this yesterday. I remember watching No Reservations with my dad while I was growing up. I really did learn so much about other cultures through that show. I loved how he would cuss and be unapologetic. He really was inspirational. For those of you considering suicide, seriously, talk to someone. I've been where you've been. I literally was staring at the knife pointing at my chest before I realized I needed help. I may not know you, but I love you anyway. You are not alone.

  15. The #1 cause of suicide is the loss of the original, authentic, calm, self control, humanity and the degrading defeat and cruelty of compulsive, progressive, sexual addiction, not the mental illness and struggle that always attends it in this world and the next, diagnosed or not. There are more superficial, herd mentality, status quo worshipping ,auto-immune-diseased sexual deviants walking the earth now than ever in history. Parenthood is a Holy Estate that perverts should not trifle with for their own good. Copy-cat suicides demonstrate the gross unbelievable level of weak mindedness in the compulsively, progressively, and degraded sexually addicted. Bourdain's suicide also should be a lesson to traveling, name dropping perverts that think their travels and acquaintences make them better people. Quietly, privately conserving the intuitive, wordless consciouness that you were given when you were made with its gentle constraints and impulses to defend it, with a productive life of service to others is the only thing that can make you a good person.

  16. You as an information venue are responsible for advertising it as an option ! People that remember the 60"s before food stamps and afforable housing lived harder lives didn't think of suicide

  17. For everyone mourning the death of Anthony Bourdain, they should know that Anthony Bourdain did not have a nice bone in his body and was a complete cold-hearted dick. Yes, he was very famous. So what? A lot of cold-blooded vicious people are famous. Fame does not automatically mean that someone is going to be nice or worthy of life. This guy certainly wasn't. I'm glad he's gone. He was a total asshole and complained about everything just like all New Yorkers do. Good riddance.

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