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  1. I'm not saying its right or Reasonable, but its understandable as to why some cat would rather put bullets in someone for destroying part of his life instead of not killing them. And to be honest, yeah, id have a hard time trying to not kill someone that takes half of my stuff.

  2. Don't get why women really struggle with the idea of consequences, even with what they do. Taking a man for everything he has and then having the audacity to be surprised when he's so upset he feels the need to put his emotions into action – you can't choose to blow up a dam and then complain when you get splashed – Jeez

  3. well…

    I cant disagree.. Taking all a man owns is a huge risk.. HUGE.. one might think more might go over the edge

  4. I too think its awful when someone is destroyed emotionally and financially they go off the deep end and do the unthinkable. Its just like what the joker and punisher said about bad days and madness. Joker: madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. and Punisher: you're one bad day away from being me and after saying that it really makes you think about when a person loses all that they have. There is nothing else for them to lose.

  5. when speaking of the ex I have had a lot of people ask me "why didn't you just kill her?", TBH I have no good answer to that, but hey I moved on and now she is still too entitled and stupid to do anything on her own and being post wall can't get men to either;) so there's that lol

  6. LMAO! Tom has the perfect comeback for ANY instance with a bitch . . . "You're like talking to an ex-wife." PERFECT!

  7. The most important part to note here is how the utmost patience and best english still didn't even partially remove her blinders. The female brain is pretty interesting.

  8. Just because its legal doesnt make it right. Until women grow consciences and stop destroying mens lives, men will continue to retaliate. .

  9. That's women privilege for you, they cant assault a man, they can frame him for a crime (rape), they can even take him to the cleaners, and legally men can't do much of anything about it. Not only that, but because of being pampered for so many years, they honestly think they can do what ever they want without any repercussions at all.


  10. Some women are stuck with "toddler" mentality, they can do whatever they like and want without any responsibility or consequence of their actions. They always put themselves above others(most situations above males) they start nagging, bragging, bitching, control your every thought and action. They want everything for free, and if they have to destroy a mans life to get it, they will do it no doubt. Too bad that the society is embracing this kind of toxic thinking and mentality.

  11. 2:18 " he is pushed to destory her" yes like she destroyed him. Live free or die. Dont tread on me. Basic values many americans have forgotten.

  12. If you make someone HATE you enough to want to kill you, then take EVERYTHING from them to the point that they see no point in going on, you just put a HUGE target on your back.

    It's also telling that men who do this are vilified (as they should be), but women who injure or kill their abusive spouses AREN'T.

    Women can get away with killing their kids either through abortion or post-partum depression and can kill their husbands if they are "abused" and it has happened where women have gotten off with ZERO evidence of abuse from their husbands so tell me again how Western women are oppressed???

    As for me, I hope my ex lives forever since she is old, poor, and powerless because instead of working, she chose to live off of me and my daughters, charged them rent while I was paying Child Support and now they are in their own place and she lives in her friend's basement.

  13. This bitch doesn't understand the word "risk".
    Bill Burr has a great bit on this subject, "There's no reason to hit a woman". There's a million reasons to hit a woman, we just don't.

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