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Hollywood’s Race & Gender-Based Casting

Women of Color in the Movies

State policy trends of 2013 (abortion restrictions)

Does Congress Look Like America? (no)

Gender Gap in the 2012 Election Coverage

The Status of Women in the Media 2013 – Report

Studio Responsibility Index (LGBT Characters in the Media)

The Wage Gap, By Gender and Race

Women and Money

Women in the Boardroom World Map – Hiring Trends

Women in STEM Fields

Rape Culture in Brazil

Child Brides in Yemen

Especially on the internet, the idea that we still need feminism is hotly contested. In this episode of Sex+, Laci goes through a list of 60 reasons why she thinks feminism is still important and relevant in 2013. She closes by asking the audience to discuss whether or not they identify as a feminist.


  1. Yeah all man are nazis who treat women like sex slaves, treat members of the LGBT community like they are the scum of the earth and We do nothing except watch TV, beat women and jerk off to porn (wink )

  2. Everything that is wrong with society can be dubbed to psychopaths lile yourself. F***ing absolutely insane ideologies. You laci are part of the worlds sh*t you honestly deserve nothing from life, Gtfo.

  3. I just left middle school and they never told my girls that once they have sex they’ll lose a part of them. This video is stupid. The pay gap makes sense because who pays for movie tickets? Guys. Who buys the cars for the family? Guys. Who has to get up in the middle of the night if there’s somethin goin on outside? For some odd reason it’s the man. I mean come on people.

  4. I was trying to bust a nut and I accidentally clicked on this abortion of a video, I was about to queef but instantly a football of a tumor popped in my nuts and blasted my nuts open which my surprised confused seed splattered walls so hard it knocked one down and knocked a neighbor unconcious

  5. A lot of feminist it’s technically aren’t feminists because feminism is he act or EQUALITY for BOTH genders including male and if u exclude guys then ur not a feminist

  6. Είσαι φεμινίστρια γιατί είσαι μία κομπλεξική αγάμητη ΠΟΥΤΑΝΑ

  7. Feminists be happy when they get “men” rights but as soon as they get the responsibility they be dipping

  8. Aren't you the lady that said there more than 2 genders wow you really are ignorant and by the way their are only 2 genders where is your scientific evidence that suggests that there are more than two genders oh by the way saying your man with the gender of a woman isn't science it's science fiction and there can only be two genders because their is only a need for two and don't count frogs as evidence of transgender because they have this ability to make sure their species survive they don't have the comfort of society and protection from carnivores and there is no evidence of a human being able to change sex at will.You want to know why because we have 2 types of sex already we never had to attain this ability because we have opposite sex that have different reproductive organs that fufill this role and if there were more than 36 genders, humans would more different features and looks than usual so yay your transgender bullshit is fake and not a real scientific tearms that are in biology books and study.

  9. Why are you looking at what female orgasm and male orgasm in movies and how do you even know that and you are an idiot and there are only two genders male and female ya pillock

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