Why Socrates Hated Democracy – Pakistan & Democracy

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Today Democracy is the Most Acceptable form of government in the world. But somehow it has failed Pakistan, like most of third world countries. Pakistani Politicians believe the Democracy is failed by conspirators, implying that it will only succeed when the nay-sayers will let democracy flourish, as Democracy takes time to flourish,. An in-depth analysis of Democracy in Pakistan. And how to fix it to make Pakistan a truly democratic country.
1- Size of Raiwind Palace –
2- Bahria Twon Gifted Bilawal House –
3- Masolium of Buhtto –
4- Making of Masolium of Buhttos –
5- Karachi worst city to live:
6- Thar kids deaths:
7- South Korean Leader Park Chung-Hee:
8- Singaporean Leader Lee of Singapore:
9- Malaysia Mahateer :
10- South Korean Parker:
11- Area of Muslim Empire:

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