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  1. Deinayy you should re-word the title to "Woman is confused that Tom doesn't want an echo chamber in his show" or "Woman confused that Tom gives a voice to his haters"


  3. The women on the show change their tone faster than bi-polar people, at first they go in circles but end up talking about their boring ass life like Tom and them are friends. Kinda like real life.

  4. This is the future, folks – if feminist economics becomes a college course. Never mind that Leykis makes millions from his show – she's got the magic formula, Tom, just run the show the way she wants you to.

  5. He gives the people that disagree a voice, to engage in discussion and a chance to break his logic. Why can't this bitch understand this? Oh that's right, women live in this bullshit happiness fantasy. Movies in their head they directed, and star in it. I think Tom said that once.

    No wonder young women are such vile nasty whores, they are so caught up in their emotional bubble. The worst human beings on this planet. They deserve to be pumped and dumped. It would be best if they would kill themselves eventually because they feel so empty and rotten inside. Too bad women lack the balls to do so. It's all about attention.

    So I'm glad women are dying inside, the more the better. They deserve to suffer for their stupidity. Fucking simpletons.

  6. How to Not Make Woman-Approved Choices In Women

    Hi. I'm Professor Cos. Men spend their 20's chasing pussy and getting a little bit of it, and women spend their 20's being two legged pussies and getting lots of dick. Men make less money in their 20's and have less experiences, whereas women in their 20's get everything they want. Men who didn't live their 20's to the fullest spend their 30's being responsible for and enriching the 30's of a woman who lived her 20's to the fullest! Because men are suckers who don't value themselves, they reluctantly settle down in their early 30's (because they are afraid of being alone) with a woman in her late 20's. So not only are these working class men choosing not to become more valuable, they are picking up the tab for women who are now less valuable, and enslaving themselves to them. They are preparing to spend another decade of their lives sacrificing their potential (which would afford them a better lifestyle as well as a better sex life) for a woman's devalued pussy. So in the end, men spend their 20's being rejected by 20 year old pussy, and they spend their 30's rescuing 30 year old pussy. These women are the leftovers of 40 year old successful men who were 30 when these women were 20, or they were serving as the party blowup dolls for men your age who got to them before you did.

    I came across a comment on You-tube that read: "if a woman in her 30's is still playing hard to get, you drop her with no hesitation. She is just using you for validation."

    It's a shame that naive idiot men can't seem to figure that out already. Unless I'm banging a woman, or unless she's an old bag, I don't give her the time of day intellectually. Sure, I will give her a small dose just to pay the price of admission, but why would I let a woman enjoy me, as in my company, my conversation, and the pleasure of listening to her talk without getting to have sex with her in return?! It's one thing if I was interested in hearing women talk or if I was interested in women on a platonic level, but I'm not. Most women feel inadequate to men, and so they seek validation from men by being their "friend" or by being "intellectual".

    The minute I hear a woman talk about her profession, not for the sake of sharing information, but for the sake of letting me know that she's a professional, I know that she's one of those delusional cunts that thinks society gives a rat's ass about a woman's profession! Women are not valued for their profession, which is why they age like milk! Men are valued for their social prestige, their labor, their material possessions etc. And that reality is why men who play their cards right age like wine. Dumb naive men like to give women the bigger half of the candy bar and then bitch about the results. Notice how we have prostitutes to accommodate men for meaningless sex, but women get to have meaningless conversations with men for free? It's because men are fools. Men should be prostitutes and charge women for conversation.

    When men make choices in women that threaten or don't appeal to women, the same types of women who bitch about gender stereotypes will be sure to stereotype their own gender just to discourage men from choosing women that are better, or better looking than them. Women who are successful at this tactic will cause about 10 percent damage to their intended target at the cost of doing 90 percent damage to themselves.

    The method of attack is to go after the ego, sense of security and masculinity of men by shaming them and accusing them of being shallow and/or delusional. This attack by women only works on men with no self actualization, and it works at the expense of outing themselves as insecure dimwits who can't handle being overlooked by men, and who don't realize that they're showing their gender up as useless parasites. Same goes for women who clutch pearls when men choose to purge themselves of western women.

    Remember, these are the same women who say "not all western women are like that"… Until they try to convince a man that choosing a non western woman will only result in said woman becoming westernized… Like the rest of them. In other words, she highlights the typical negative traits of her gender, (this particular female method of attack that I'm describing being one of them) but not to help men or improve the condition of her gender, but to merely express her displeasure for men who overlook them. These women who scowl and scoff at men in an attempt to shame them obviously aren't trying to assist them in choosing better women, they are just being typical indifferent cunts.

    When men take precautionary measures against women, or against a system that makes women hazardous to a man's life, instead of offering support or suggesting effective methods or at least trying to understand, women will opt instead to point out how pointless, childish or cowardly it is for men to be doing what they're doing. You see, the act of taking precautionary measures against women paints women in a negative light, and women would rather express their disturbance with it in an irrational way than be constructive about it. So all women accomplish by trying to squelch criticism of their gender, is reinforce their gender's negative traits with their stupid mindsets and emotionally driven attacks.

    My advice to young men is to learn from the idiots who are making fools of themselves. Also, if a woman wants to have kids, she better have her own resources to fall back on. Let her know that you're not going to be some provider she seeks while she thinks showing up with a vagina is her only prerequisite. Instead of wasting away her youth and lowering her value, she'd be wise to spend her 20's saving up while dating her future husband, you know, "the nice guy". Remember, if she slept around, she's allowed other men to have her free of commitment. Don't be the sucker that pays full price for a used car. She just had to mature sexually, but you had to become a man. Have some fucking self respect and don't sell yourself short. Women hate to be called the weaker sex, but they expect to be provided for and absolved of responsibility. In a modern world, in the age of equality, it takes both parents to financially support children, not just the father, while she stays home living off him. Even if she agrees to being held fully and equally responsible for child support, the laws have to support that arrangement. I don't see that happening anytime soon. In other words… MGTOW!

  7. Women are as stupid every time they open there mouths. Everything that comes out of their mouths makes no since. Cause all they want to do is argue.

  8. Decades of feminism and female empowerment (all fake emotional empowerment) has produced dumb twats. Ages 20-60. Popular in their circles on Instagram and Facebook, but just a horrible dumb twat in real life. No wonder marriage is down, divorce is up, and women are more angry than ever. This Xmas holiday alone, 3 husbands killed their wives in my area. Wow. Stay single guys. Stay sane. Cheers!!!

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