Wonder Girls Irony dance English tutorial Part 1

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Irony Dance Tutorial Taught by Yuri

Basically what everyone’s been waiting for. Irony dance tutorial Part 1 of the tutorial and I hope you guys like it. If not, as if it’s to hard, and don’t understand, i’ll redo it.

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  1. woww this seriously helped me step by step…the other tutorials were way too fast ^^;;
    thnk u sooo much!!!

  2. I'm sooo glad dat u are going over this slowly! I wish ppl could do that just like you for "so hot" by wonder girls!

  3. can you please mirror these videos? they are extremely helpful. but i wanna learn on the "right" side… lol thanks

  4. It's already mirrored!
    I think Yuri made it that way on purpose
    'cause if you take a look at Wonder Girls
    own version, it's opposite to Yuri's version

  5. nice tutorial but next time if u do a tutorial u should show urself dancing with the part of the song so that we know how fast and which part u are dancing to ๐Ÿ™‚

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