X-MEN ORIGINS| Waffe X: Mutantenakte – Wade Wilson / Deadpool eng / ger sub

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X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE – WIE ALLES BEGANN| Waffe X: Mutantenakte – Wade Wilson / Deadpool (englisch, deutsche Untertitel)

Mit Hugh Jackman, Danny Huston und Ryan Reynolds.
Ein Film von Gavin Hood.

DVD Veröffentlichung von X-Men Origins: Wolverine: 1. Oktober 2009


  1. Something I always wondered about was where Wolverines claws go when they retract. They are longer than his hands, if they move up into his arms how does he bend his wrists? And this Deadpool's katana blades definitely do not fit into his forearms, they would go past the elbow even.

  2. Trying to surprise the Deadpool fan s. they almost made me hate Deadpool.Well they are right they surprised me how they almost made me hate Deadpool

  3. So this is deadpool, cause he said he'd like to play that character, and now he is. Idk how cause then deadpool turns bad in this movie, unless this was the bad deadpool idk. Well he wasn't something happened to him.

  4. In that movie Wade Wilson had those katana swords before his experiment. Worse part is when they sew his mouth .

  5. “He is that character and here it is” I’ve never wanted to backhand someone so bad in my life

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