XXXTentacion Was Killed For His Louis Vuitton Bag!!!

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The rapper was killed in a robbery today


  1. TOMMY SOTOMAYOR calls these guys, FASHIONIGGAS, an apt description of men who kill for name brands.

  2. People are really in to mumble rap and Kardashian style shit.. You use to need talent to make money in hip hop or Hollywood.. It really proves Earth is pass due for a extinction level event

  3. Dude that might be the most faggot way to go and gayest reason to kill at the same time in history.

  4. He wasn't trash he was to you because you are 42 years old talking about the good ol days of OnA. never seen this much hate towards a person after been killed it's fucking disrespectful as fuck

  5. fun thing to be remembered for, probably not his music but that he got killed when someone robbed him of his man purse. I have to remind myself that this isn't all too funny. But let's be real here. There's not a lot of music genres where people actively start fights with each other and sing about killing people – I'll bet anyone that it's no coincidence that this happened to a rapper and not a country singer, or any other kind of musician for that matter ^^

  6. You're part black, Kyle… We know… But the rest of the white O&A fan base never knew this dopey rapper and nobody gives a crap. We know Ant will be saying something racist (but funny) when he hears the story.

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