YOUTUBE & LOGAN PAUL COLLUSION PLAN (Leaked) | 48 Laws of Power | Illuminati playbook

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Secret meetings between Logan Paul and YouTube reveal that they colluded to get rid of old channels that are not brand friendly for the company

Inside secrets exposed on the collusion between Logan and YouTube. YouTubers joining the illuminati

Many creators like Phil DeFranco, Keemstar (Dramaalert), Pewdiepie, Kavos, Boogie.. , are reporting censorship and suppression issues and demonitization, this video explains why

Logan Paul has also joined the illuminati

Book: 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Illuminati playbook and the illuminati exposed top secret video leaked, Logan Paul illuminati exposed. He has joined them

For entertainment purposes this is a parody with satire elements


  1. You faggot ass Loganer. get over It. No matter how many Logan fanboy vids you make he will never eat your ass. I mean he does eat ass but he will never eat your ass.

  2. I think this applies better to pewdpie cuz I use to really hate him and didn’t know why people liked him but now I kinda like his videos, they aren’t that bad anymore

  3. you are the true definition of fucked up, and deep down you just have a hard-on for him ,please go back to your spaceship .

  4. absolutely terrible shitpost if it's not shorter than 2 minutes it's not worth my worthless attention :^)

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