Zheng Lab – Bad Project (Lady Gaga parody)

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*edit* We are the Hui Zheng lab at BCM and study Alzheimer’s Disease. Thanks everyone for your comments and words of encouragement! We had no idea this would spread like it has, but I guess some of these feelings are universal (and international!). This was all in good fun and took us only a few days to do the filming and editing. If you are caught in a bad project, best of luck and hope you can turn it around soon!

Our submission for the Molecular and Human Genetics Retreat 2011 at Baylor College of Medicine. We decided to parody Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance with a science twist. Many thanks to On the Rocks for the dance moves, and for the mouse video.


  1. Thank you! This is likely the best parody EVER. You're genius. I hope you get to be NIH director some day, totally deserved!!!

  2. Wait… biohazard bags skirt and sterile stainless steel cannulae for a shirt? Don't feel bad, you could have become an organic chemist working on Alzeimers disease research projects and taken 6-8 as a synthetic/total synthesis/natural products chemist.

  3. I am still watching this in 2016 and still did not do my masters out of similar reasons, it has been almost 9 years… Fuck…

  4. I worked as a lab assistant with mice models, and let's just say, holy fucking shit did this make me laugh so much. 1:30 had my mom and I double over, and it happened again at 2:52.

  5. A masters and almost all of the way through a PhD later… Still so true XD
    Why do I got no bands? That shit IS crazy!

  6. well looks like my idea of going into science might not be so great after all ……eh oh well science still rocks . – a freshmen with a big dream

  7. So… I started my PhD in 2011 and I discovered this video around the time I was choosing which school to go to. It was exciting and amusing. Fast forward 6 years, I just defended a month ago. Now, it's much more real… and not so amusing.

    I recommend everyone think long and hard before embarking on a PhD, even if/especially if you're smart, good at research, etc. I did it for the right reasons and it was still a load of crap.

  8. Thinking of going to Karaoke with a bunch of friends from the lab. Thinking of surprising them with these lyrics instead. XD

  9. 今天的生物医学academia就是一团狗屎,欺骗,造假,编故事,无法重复,低工资,没前途。大家都是聪明人,随便读个CS,statistics生活无忧。何苦在狗屎圈里惹得一身骚呢?

  10. I watched this video and laughed my ass off 6 years ago when I just started my PhD with all dreams and ambitions. I'm enrolled in Bioinformatics program, and after first three years when I got exited computational data and discovered novel disease genes, my Greedy, Asshole, Perverted, Kinky PI "kindly" suggested "you should try switch to benchwork to verify the genes and figure out the function", and that's where the whole miserable nightmares begins!!! I wasted all later three years learning PCR, cell culture, cloning, human sample…..There's NO postdocs, NO technician, so I have to started from scratch for every detailed experiment; and in my 7th year he said, with his fake smile, "you should start working with Mice~~~~~~" Are u kidding me? I'm supposed to be bioinformatician, and I get ZERO computational training because of whole benchwork crap, yet you are still not satisfied? I realized he's insatiable devil that he won't let you go especially you are productive. Then I'm fully disappointed and determined to say goodbye to bunch of shit and switch to Computer Science. I took online course like Data Structure/algorithm, Database, taught my spouse to write machine learning homework, finished several data science related projects, polished my resume, improved my coding skills by LeetCode, and applied schools, asking my friends/colleagues to write recommendation letter for me. And I got admitted into Master of Computer Science program for a top10 engineering school! Actually even top100 can guarantee you a decent SDE job as long as you are hardworking; while BioMed postdocs in Harvard, MIT, Stanford will only lead to a miserable, hopeless future! Then I told my hypocrite PI that I'd like to quit! He said, "nooooooooo, you've done very good job and deserve a PhD~~~ " (He's really good at pretending to be warm-hearted gentleman and intelligent mentor, but actually hypocrite and cold-blooded)I said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I QUIT! My family is relocating to Silicon Valley and so am I! I won't stay in Biomedical Science field!!!!!! (That means you can't threaten me by "recommendation letter" , the slavery-like game rule of today's academia. And you WON'T get a single data published, eat shit and burn in hell you son of bitch! )

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