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Presenting Salil’s love letter to Starkids – ‘The Zingaat Dhadak Parody’.


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Actor-Singer-Writer: Salil Jamdar
Directed and Filmed by: Arbaaz Shroff
Executive Producers: Salil Jamdar, Shaina Jamdar
Line Production, Art and Costume: Shaina Jamdar
Music Producer: Conic
Editor: Navneet Kumar
Color Grading: Harsh Dandotia
Social Media Manager: Anurag Pandey
Camera Assistant: Dharmendra Kumar
Social Media Content: Abhishek Kumar

Supporting Cast:

Pandit: Parshav Shah(Bittu)
Bride: Amisha Bakshi

Special Thanks to:

Subhash Gejage
St. Anne’s nursery, Solapur

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  1. salil bro gand fad dia tu ..if star kids watches this video , they will cry like a real kids .

  2. Hahaha hahaha hahaha .. best was in comparison to inception . We have Sanju .. start of star kid playing role of star kid .. 🙂

  3. Very creative. So much creative than Copywood(Bollywood). After such a long time saw quality content from India in your video. Truly depicting the truth of India, nepotism is in India's DNA and Bollywood is just fooling the Indians with garbage. Stop watching Bollywood SHIT, if you want India and Indians to develop.
    Such a video with deep meaning, "Raja k bete ko yha paida hote hi raja mana", this is the bitter truth of India

  4. Abe jhandu sadak se nai uthaya kisiko sab Gaon ke middle class gharane ke the aise words kaise use kiye tune chutiye

  5. raja ke beta ko yahan , pida hote hi raja mana 🙂 honey singh need to take another rebirth to write something nearby this

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