How to Delete Associate Files of Apps Manually:

Whether you are unwilling to delete app-related files from your Mac using a third-party app, you must undergo the manual process. Although it takes  up your time when you select to do this, it will be still as effective as you use any third-party software.


Tap on the Library filter.

You may see the app’s associated files left behind. Hence,  your task is to go ahead & move  these to the trash. Remember that you may experience a lot of errors while doing it manually. That’s why it is essential to be conscious not to  delete important files. If you don’t know what to do, use a third-party tool.


The bottom line:

Deleting apps from Mac is very easy. There are  no complex steps that you need to follow to remove them completely. Besides, it is not necessary to be a tech whiz. Go through the article properly to learn how to uninstall apps from Mac.


If you use a dedicated third-party tool, you will be 100% sure it will remove all leftover files from the Mac. Therefore, you can say that it is  significantly faster.

Are you thinking about how to get rid of split screen on iPad? First, you need to know that Split View is the default on iPad. So, several people  accidentally open split screens on their iPad when they are using the Safari app. Although several ways are there to use split screen on the iPad, a few users do not prefer the iPad split screen. Actually Split View is the name of the feature. Even several iPad users are now  regretting the day when they upgraded to iOS 15. Therefore, for them, it becomes essential to get rid of this. Let’s see how to turn off this feature on the iPad.

How to Disable Split Screen on iPads Running iOS:

Disabling split-screen mode completely  on iPads that run iOS 15 and newer is impossible. Unlike earlier iOS versions, disabling the Split View option is not available now. Once the system detects   you are multitasking, Split-screen will activate automatically.


Now we can see that it is impossible to turn  off multitasking & split-screen directly from Settings on iOS and newer. If you are willing to access extra multitasking options, you need to use   the three-dot button, which is located at the screen top.


How to Close Split Screen on Your iPad:

Multitasking on the iPad, including Split View, increases productivity as long as you know how to use this. Before iPadOS 15, there   were two options to stop the split screen on iPad. First, you can disable the split screen in iPad Settings. Secondly, your task is to close the split screen on your iPad for apps you are using.


Nowadays, you are unable to  turn off the split screen on the iPad by disabling this altogether. It is the only solution to close the split screen. Suppose  you have accidentally  entered Split View. To undo the split screen, you need to drag the divider bar in the direction of the app you are willing to close.


When you open the black  divider bar, your task is to tap & drag the grey controller to the iPad screen’s left or right edge in Split View.


The direction in which the divider will be slid  will determine which side of the screen is closed and  which remains. The smaller window is going to close when you exit the iPad split screen. You can see the larger screen open as a full-size app window.

How to Stop Split Screen on an iPad from Happening Accidentally:

If you want to prevent the accidental iPad split screen in the future, go to the three dots at the top of the app windows. When you accidentally drag the icon, it will cause every variation  in window size & placement. Therefore, it is better to know going forward. If your   iPad shows a half-screen app view, your task is only to learn the procedure of exiting the split screen on the iPad. Let’s see how to do so.






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