How to watch 2023 Google I/O ?

To watch the 2023 Google I/O event, which is an annual conference held by Google to showcase their latest technologies and announcements, you can follow these steps:


Stay updated: Keep an eye on the official Google I/O website and Google’s official blog for announcements regarding the event. They will provide information about the event’s date, time, and how to watch it.


Register for the event: Google I/O is typically open to developers, enthusiasts, and the general public. Visit the official Google I/O website and look for the registration link. Fill out the necessary information, and if registration is required, make sure to sign up in advance to secure your spot.


Virtual attendance: Given the global reach of Google I/O, it’s likely that the event will be held virtually, especially considering the current state of the world. If that’s the case, you can watch the event from the comfort of your own home. Look for the livestream link provided on the official website or any announcements made by Google.


Official livestream: usually livestreams the entire event on platforms like YouTube and the Google Developers website. Keep an eye on the official Google Developers YouTube channel for the livestream link. Subscribe to the channel and enable notifications to receive updates when the livestream starts.


Social media channels: Follow Google’s official social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They often provide updates and livestream links for major events like Google I/O. Engage with their content, and you may come across additional information and behind-the-scenes insights.


Developer-centric resources: I/O primarily targets developers, so consider checking out Google’s developer resources. Visit the Google Developers website and explore their dedicated sections for event coverage,  including livestreams, session recordings, and blog posts summarizing the major announcements.


Community events and gatherings: Google I/O often sparks enthusiasm among tech communities worldwide. Look for local developer groups, tech meetups, or Google Developer Groups (GDGs) in your area. They may organize viewing parties or events where you can watch the livestream with fellow tech enthusiasts and engage in discussions.


Post-event content: Even if you miss the live broadcast, Google typically uploads the recorded sessions and keynotes on their official YouTube channel. These videos allow you to catch up on any announcements or sessions you may have missed during the live event.


Engage with the community: Google I/O is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and experts. Utilize social media platforms like Twitter to follow event hashtags, join discussions, and interact with attendees, speakers, and Google employees. This can enhance your experience and provide valuable insights.







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