amazing! People were surprised to see rare owls in New York, last seen 130 years ago

Photo hundred  (Twitter- @TheBenStadler)

Photo hundred (Twitter- @TheBenStadler)

A polar owl has been spotted in New York’s Central Park. This is the first time since 1890 that this rare owl has been seen here.

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  • Last Updated:January 30, 2021, 1:38 PM IST

New York. Such a guest has arrived in New York of America these days, people are coming from far and wide to see. In fact, here in Central Park, an owl has been seen that has been seen after 130 years. This is Snowy Owl or a special owl found in polar regions. Seeing this beautiful owl, the administration as well as the common people were shocked and now full care is being taken to take care of it. Let me tell you, this owl has been seen here only twice and the last time it was seen here in 1890. When Manhattan Bird Alert tweeted about this beautiful bird, people started getting influx to see it. The video was tweeted by Bird Alert, which monitors rare birds in Central Park and throughout Manhattan. In this, this owl could be seen near some crows. People have become even more obsessed with its performance. People are surprised to see how it is walking in the park comfortably without being disturbed by crows.

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