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Are you also a victim of toxic positivity? Know what are its symptoms

What Is Toxic Positivity: We all know how important Positive Mindset is in life. Positiveness in life keeps our mental health healthy and teaches us to overcome all situations. But it is also a hard truth that life cannot always be positive. We all struggle with all kinds of emotions which include many painful experiences and situations. In such a situation, controlling emotions is not only easy, but it is also impossible. In such impossible circumstances, it is very important that we accept and express our true mood. What is Toxic Positivity Toxic positivity is a belief in which people assume that no matter how bad and difficult the situation may be, a positive mindset should be maintained. We can say that this belief means “only and only positive thinking in life.” Werewell mind According to him, there are many benefits of being optimistic and positive, but when you are experiencing pain from inside and have compulsion to maintain a smile on the face or are making a false attempt to look positive, it instills toxic positivity inside It is harmful to your health in every way. Also read: Mental stress is increasing in children amidst the Korana epidemic, keep them in mind through these tips Effect of toxic positivity
Psychologists say that toxic positivity is harmful for those who are going through difficult times in life. In such a situation, if a person is unable to share his true feelings with the people and does not get emotional support from the people, then he finds himself alone and rejected. Which can have a very bad effect on him. Also, when you are a victim of toxic positivity, you feel uncomfortable expressing emotions. It goes home inside you that the feelings that are coming in your mind should not have come. Not only this, you start to believe it wrong and you feel ashamed of yourself. Not only this, there is a gilt in you that if you are not able to control your emotions under bad circumstances then you are weak which is wrong. These are the symptoms -If you are sad, sad or cry, then you feel angry. Instead of facing the truth, you prefer to reject it. -Do not express your true feelings under any circumstances. – Make fun of the expression of such feelings of people. How to recover from it? If you are also seeing some similar symptoms, then to get rid of it, follow the serpent vehicle, and always remember these things in your life. – Do not reject your negative feelings, but try to manage it. – If you are in a stressful situation then it is natural to be tense. Fear is also natural in an environment like fear. In this case, instead of keeping more than yourself, focus on taking care of yourself and try to handle the situation. -If someone is trying to tell their feelings, then do not silence them with your toxic positivity. Encourage him to express himself and give his support. It is better to accept your true feelings and accept them in their rightful form. With this help, you will be saved from knowing in the wrong situation. Also read: To avoid loneliness, it is important to have friends at every age, thus make new friends Toxic things that prevent you from accepting the truth. – ‘Be positive if anything happens’. – ‘Good Vibes Only’. – ‘It must have happened for some reason’. – ‘Don’t give up’. – ‘Be happy is your choice’. Some non-toxic things that relax anyone in a bad situation- – ‘I am listening’. – ‘Whatever happens, I will always be together’. – ‘Tell me anything bad happens. I will help ‘. -Har is a part of life. – ‘You are feeling absolutely right’. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)