Corona virus: How often should one gargle to avoid corona. Learn the advantages and disadvantages

People are taking various measures to avoid corona. Many people are adopting home remedies. People are taking steam, drinking decoction, gargling, so as to stay away from the corona. Some people feel that the corona virus will not affect them or the corona virus will come out. But is it true? Know what is the opinion of the experts on this.

Why should garbage?
Doctors say that garbage clears the dirt present in the throat. If the throat is bad or there is any kind of swelling, then it is relaxed by gargling. Although nowadays people are thrashing with salt and turmeric water but till now this information has not been revealed that corona virus will die from it. Experts say that Garra is essential for oral hygiene. If you have a cold or a sore throat, you may benefit from a sore throat. & Nbsp;

Disadvantages of too much garbage?

If you are growing too much, you may also suffer many losses. & Nbsp;

1- People of high blood pressure should not gargle with too much salt water, this may affect blood pressure. Your body starts absorbing salt which can affect BP. & nbsp;

2- Some people gargle several times a day, there may be swelling in their throat. Therefore, you should avoid gargling more.

3- Gargling with too much hot water can cause your throat ulcers. Therefore, one should not gargle with very hot water.

4 – Repeated sore throat can occur if gargling with hot water again and again. Some people may also have mouth blisters and rashes. & Nbsp;

How often and when to gargle?

If you have any problem in your throat, the doctor may ask you to gargle several times a day. But a normal person should gargle in the morning or evening or 3 times a day. Doctors recommend gargling after eating. You can gargle after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take care that the water is not too hot. If you want, you can also gargle with normal water. Doing gargling will give you relief in problems like cold, sore throat. With this you can keep the oral hygiene. & Nbsp;

How is garbage better?

Gargle with Betadine – If your throat is sore, there is any swelling in the throat or there is pain in the throat, then you gargle with Betadine in water. Betadine is an antibacterial drug to relieve infection. & Nbsp;

Gargle with salt water – If you do not have any problem then you can gargle by adding 1 pinch of salt in lukewarm water. You should not gargle more than 3 times a day. & Nbsp;

Gargle with turmeric water – Turmeric has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Many problems are overcome by this. You can gargle by adding the right amount of turmeric. But overuse of it can also do harm. & Nbsp;

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Yoga session to improve blood flow and oxygen level- blood circulation and oxygen level will be good, do this exercise

Learn this exercise from yoga teacher Savita Yadav

Learn this exercise from yoga teacher Savita Yadav

Yoga Session To Improve Blood Flow And Oxygen Level- Today many exercises that improve blood circulation in the body and increase oxygen level have been taught and taught.

Yoga Session To Improve Blood Flow And Oxygen Level- In today’s Live Yoga Session, many exercises that improve blood circulation in the body and increase oxygen levels were told and taught. Apart from this, many practices were told and shown to do a number of small exercises ranging from breathing exercises, punishment meetings, kadamtal, Kapalbhati. One cannot become proficient in yoga in one day. It will emerge as a habit only while practicing. Cervical power activator: To perform this yoga activity, stand in your place. Those who are unable to do this activity by standing and sitting can also do it. Those who cannot sit on the ground can also practice it by sitting in a chair. – Standing in a comfortable position, rest your hands on the waist. Keep the body loose. -Relax the shoulders completely. While exhaling, bring the neck forward. – Try to lock the chin. Those who have problems with cervical or neck pain, do not lock the neck and let the neck loose. After this, take the neck backward while taking a breath.
Abdominal breathing: Deep breath fill up to the stomach and leave out. Keep in mind that you have to breathe slowly and exhale slowly. Breathing and exhalation periods should be the same. Read also: Yoga session- chronic constipation problem will also be lost, do these amazing yoga Thoracic breathing: Thoracic breathing is also called intact respiration. Deep breath fill the lungs and stop light and leave it out. Keep in mind that you have to breathe slowly and exhale slowly. This carries oxygen to every part of the body. If you close the eyes and do it, the results will be better. Deep breathing: Leave the body light. Fill the breath slowly and then exhale. During this, leave the abdominals and thoracic loose. This will improve your blood circulation. Kapalbharathi: Sit in Padmasana for Kapalbharati. To perform Kapalabhati Pranayama, sit on any meditation posture, sukhasana or chair while keeping the spine straight. After this, throw out the breath as fast as possible from both the nostrils of the nose. Also, make the stomach as compressed as possible. Immediately after this, both the nostrils are inhaled and allow the stomach to come out as soon as possible. You can do this activity by increasing the strength and gradually from 50 times to 500 times as per requirement, but do not do more than 50 times in a sequence. Increase the order slowly. It can be done for a minimum of 5 minutes and up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Kapalabharati is a very energetic high abdominal breathing exercise. Kapala means brain and bhaati i.e. cleanliness i.e. ‘Kapalbharati’ is the pranayama through which the brain is clean and in this case the functioning of the brain operates smoothly. By the way, there are other benefits of this pranayama. Liver is very beneficial for kidney and gas problems.

Coronavirus vaccine got approval for children in canada | This is the first country in the world, which approved the corona vaccine for children

Digital Desk, Delhi. The second wave of Corona is going on in India. There is speculation that a third wave may soon come, which will be more terrible than this, so in addition to the 45 plus in India, 18 plus is now being vaccinated to fight the coming storm. Meanwhile, the world’s first corona vaccine for children has been approved and approved by the Canadian Department of Health.

Detail information

  • In fact, the Canadian drug regulator has approved the introduction of the Pfizer company’s vaccine to children aged 12–15 years.
  • Following this decision, Canada has become the first country in the world to approve a children’s vaccine.
  • Trials of Pfizer vaccine administered to children were conducted between January and March, in which the vaccine is claimed to be 100% effective on children.
  • In view of this result, in addition to Pfizer, now pharma companies Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are also undergoing a child vaccine trial.
  • Talking of India among all these, there are trials to be done on the children of covaxin here but it has not been started yet.

innocent people if you want to achieve the goal then first learn to concentrate your mind chanakya niti quotes

innocent people if you want to achieve the goal then first learn to concentrate your mind chanakya niti quotes

Turn to fresh vine juice in summer instead of cold drinks, know the tremendous benefits

The summer season demands to quench the thirst and the pleasurable, pleasing, seductive, fragrant and delicious beverages give a fresh breath of life to the scorching heat. Bell juice is one such fresh drink and one of the oldest drinks in India. It also has Ayurvedic importance. Indian vine is a magical detox drink that keeps us cool, fills with new energy, cleanses and nourishes the body with all the nutrients. These juices are usually used on the occasion of Mahashivaratri after finishing the fast. It is easy to digest and has a cool summer heat.

Benefits of Bell Juice
The fruit is nothing short of blissful as it works against health problems associated with sun and summer weather. & nbsp;

It is high in fiber, vitamins and all other nutrients which are essential for human body. & Nbsp;

Bell fruit is rich in thiamine and riboflavin. Both of these are effective in reducing the effect of chemical elements from the chemical body.

Its daily intake of juice keeps the intestine healthy and reduces all kidney problems. & Nbsp;

The use of vine juice with jaggery effectively fights against fatigue and loss of energy. & Nbsp;


These magical drinks are simple and easy to make. Chef Kunal Kapoor has told about it. For this, it is important that you follow their suggestions.

Ingredients for vine sorbet
Bell 1 big, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 liter of water, a little bit of mint leaves. Ice cube will need a little, a pinch of salt. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

How to make vine sorbet
Break the vine using the cylinder and take out the anus using a spoon.

Using your fingers, crush the rectum and remove the seeds. The seeds are very bitter. So make sure not to miss. & Nbsp;

Mix cold water and gently mash it again. Now, pour it in the sieve and press it against the sieve using a wooden spoon.

Remove the anus as far as possible. Add sugar to it and stir it to dissolve completely.

In a large pot, add ice cube, crushed mint leaves and pour the juice over the top. Shake and serve cold sorbet. & Nbsp;

You can add a pinch of salt. & Nbsp;

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Bihar: A growing number of people are increasing in Ayurvedic hospital amid increasing cases of corona, know the reason

8 ways to boost your mood while in depression pur

When you are in depression, everything seems more challenging. Going to work, socializing with friends or even getting up from bed seems like a struggle. But there are some things that you can do to deal with the symptoms of depression and improve the quality of your life. Living in depression does not mean keeping your mood bad. Verywellmind According to the news of, you can keep yourself happy even in depression, but for this you will have to do some special work. Let us tell you about 8 ways to keep your mood right after living with depression. Create a support network One of the most important things is that to get out of depression one has to help himself. Apart from medicine and treatment, a strong social support system has to be developed. For some people, building a social support system can mean building stronger relationships with friends or family. You can help your loved ones in the direction of correcting your depression. For some, it can be in the form of a depression support group. This may include a community group that exists in your area or you may also find an online support group. Also read: After touching these things in the Corona period, do wash hands, otherwise it can be a serious problem.Reduce your stress When you are under stress, your body produces more of a hormone called cortisol. This is good because it helps you in dealing with the things that cause stress in your life. However, this can happen for you for a long time, including depression. The more you use techniques to reduce stress, the better it will be for you as it reduces the state of your depression. Good sleep is necessary
Sleep and mood are related to each other. A 2014 study found that 80% of people suffering from depression experience sleep disturbances. However in depression you may feel that you cannot sleep or perhaps you struggle to get out of bed because you feel tired all the time. Discontinue all your electronics products at least one hour before going to bed. One gets good sleep by reading a book or doing any other relaxing activity. Improve eating habits Research is still ongoing to find a relationship between diet and mental health. Till now, there have been many such studies, in which there has been talk of improvement in nutrition. Due to this, mental illness can be prevented and it can also be treated. There are many brain essential nutrients that can affect depression. Learn how to stop negative thoughts Depression does not just make you feel bad but it can also make you think more negatively. However, changing those negative thoughts can improve your mood. There are also many self-help books, applications and online courses that can help curb your negative thinking. To not sidetrack Symptoms of depression, such as fatigue and difficulty concentrating, you can try to avoid anything but it should not be done. In such a situation, it is very important to set deadlines and manage your time well. Set small goals and work hard to achieve the most important tasks previously done. Keep doing housework In depression, it seems difficult to do household chores, such as cooking or paying electricity bills. But piles of paper, piles of dirty dishes and floors covered in dirty clothes only increase your useless worries. Take control of your daily activities. Start small and work on one project at a time. Getting up and working out can help you feel better. Also read: ‘Tulsi decoction’ will work wonders in Corona era, everything will remain in control from immunity to sugar level Create wellness toolbox A wellness toolbox is a set of tools that you can use to help calm yourself. Especially when you are feeling low. Loving your pet, listening to your favorite music, taking a hot bath or reading a good book are some of the tools that can help you get out of depression.

Coronavirus: Why does Jacqueline Fernandez insist on yoga pranayama? Stated this reason

Coronavirus: Why does Jacqueline Fernandez insist on yoga pranayama? Stated this reason

Jacqueline Fernandez inspires fans to do breathing exercises. Breathing exercise yoga is also called pranayama in ‘these challenging times of Kovid-19’. & Nbsp; Kovid-19 lockdown, isolation as a precautionary measure for Corona positive people or a glut of bad news has left Indians in a worried state. Is pushed. In such a situation, meditation is proved useful by breathing exercises and yoga asanas. To tell the same, Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez is seen doing Pranayam or breathing in her house. He inspired fans to do so during ‘these difficult times’ of the Corona virus epidemic. & Nbsp;

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez shares Pranayam’s photo

Going to her social media handle, Jacqueline shows a glimpse of her evening fitness routine. & Nbsp; In the picture, the actress is seen posing in a meditative position on the padded sofa chair and following the instructions of her physical trainer from the video call. Wearing a white bandaged dress made of cotton, Jacqueline looks calm with her eyes closed, her legs folded and her hands on her knees. During this, she tries to bring the breath in and out. & nbsp; He wrote in the caption, "Breathing (pranayama) is important for your brain and physical health, especially now." He further said, "I pray for everyone during these difficult times."


Inspired fans to do the same in difficult times

Pranayama, the ancient practice of breath control, connects the mind and body, supplies oxygen to the body while removing residual substances and is meant to provide treatment for physical benefits. The stress relieving effect of Pranayama improves one’s sleep quality, enhances memory and lowers high blood pressure. & Nbsp;

Make the lungs strong during the corona period, increase the capacity with these 5 exercises

Sitting for too long is harmful to health, increases risk of cancer and heart disease

टॉक्सिक पॉजिटिविटी उन लोगों के लिए नुकसानदेह है जो जीवन में कठिन दौर से गुजर रहे हैं. Image Credit : Pixabay

Are you also a victim of toxic positivity? Know what are its symptoms

What Is Toxic Positivity: We all know how important Positive Mindset is in life. Positiveness in life keeps our mental health healthy and teaches us to overcome all situations. But it is also a hard truth that life cannot always be positive. We all struggle with all kinds of emotions which include many painful experiences and situations. In such a situation, controlling emotions is not only easy, but it is also impossible. In such impossible circumstances, it is very important that we accept and express our true mood. What is Toxic Positivity Toxic positivity is a belief in which people assume that no matter how bad and difficult the situation may be, a positive mindset should be maintained. We can say that this belief means “only and only positive thinking in life.” Werewell mind According to him, there are many benefits of being optimistic and positive, but when you are experiencing pain from inside and have compulsion to maintain a smile on the face or are making a false attempt to look positive, it instills toxic positivity inside It is harmful to your health in every way. Also read: Mental stress is increasing in children amidst the Korana epidemic, keep them in mind through these tips Effect of toxic positivity
Psychologists say that toxic positivity is harmful for those who are going through difficult times in life. In such a situation, if a person is unable to share his true feelings with the people and does not get emotional support from the people, then he finds himself alone and rejected. Which can have a very bad effect on him. Also, when you are a victim of toxic positivity, you feel uncomfortable expressing emotions. It goes home inside you that the feelings that are coming in your mind should not have come. Not only this, you start to believe it wrong and you feel ashamed of yourself. Not only this, there is a gilt in you that if you are not able to control your emotions under bad circumstances then you are weak which is wrong. These are the symptoms -If you are sad, sad or cry, then you feel angry. Instead of facing the truth, you prefer to reject it. -Do not express your true feelings under any circumstances. – Make fun of the expression of such feelings of people. How to recover from it? If you are also seeing some similar symptoms, then to get rid of it, follow the serpent vehicle, and always remember these things in your life. – Do not reject your negative feelings, but try to manage it. – If you are in a stressful situation then it is natural to be tense. Fear is also natural in an environment like fear. In this case, instead of keeping more than yourself, focus on taking care of yourself and try to handle the situation. -If someone is trying to tell their feelings, then do not silence them with your toxic positivity. Encourage him to express himself and give his support. It is better to accept your true feelings and accept them in their rightful form. With this help, you will be saved from knowing in the wrong situation. Also read: To avoid loneliness, it is important to have friends at every age, thus make new friends Toxic things that prevent you from accepting the truth. – ‘Be positive if anything happens’. – ‘Good Vibes Only’. – ‘It must have happened for some reason’. – ‘Don’t give up’. – ‘Be happy is your choice’. Some non-toxic things that relax anyone in a bad situation- – ‘I am listening’. – ‘Whatever happens, I will always be together’. – ‘Tell me anything bad happens. I will help ‘. -Har is a part of life. – ‘You are feeling absolutely right’. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)