Coronavirus: Why does Jacqueline Fernandez insist on yoga pranayama? Stated this reason

Coronavirus: Why does Jacqueline Fernandez insist on yoga pranayama? Stated this reason

Jacqueline Fernandez inspires fans to do breathing exercises. Breathing exercise yoga is also called pranayama in ‘these challenging times of Kovid-19’. & Nbsp; Kovid-19 lockdown, isolation as a precautionary measure for Corona positive people or a glut of bad news has left Indians in a worried state. Is pushed. In such a situation, meditation is proved useful by breathing exercises and yoga asanas. To tell the same, Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez is seen doing Pranayam or breathing in her house. He inspired fans to do so during ‘these difficult times’ of the Corona virus epidemic. & Nbsp;

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez shares Pranayam’s photo

Going to her social media handle, Jacqueline shows a glimpse of her evening fitness routine. & Nbsp; In the picture, the actress is seen posing in a meditative position on the padded sofa chair and following the instructions of her physical trainer from the video call. Wearing a white bandaged dress made of cotton, Jacqueline looks calm with her eyes closed, her legs folded and her hands on her knees. During this, she tries to bring the breath in and out. & nbsp; He wrote in the caption, "Breathing (pranayama) is important for your brain and physical health, especially now." He further said, "I pray for everyone during these difficult times."


Inspired fans to do the same in difficult times

Pranayama, the ancient practice of breath control, connects the mind and body, supplies oxygen to the body while removing residual substances and is meant to provide treatment for physical benefits. The stress relieving effect of Pranayama improves one’s sleep quality, enhances memory and lowers high blood pressure. & Nbsp;

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