Helen, Who Left Burma And Came To India, How She Became Such An Unbreakable Part Of Salman Khan Family

Helen who married Salman Khan, the father of Salman Khan and the famous writer of the industry, even when he had become the father of 4 children. This relationship was initially strongly opposed by the family of Salim Khan, but how did all this happen? A girl from Burma first became the top dancer of the industry and then how she became an unbreakable part of Salim Khan’s large joint family. Let us tell you about this journey of Helen.

Helen came to India from Burma

When Helen’s father died in the second world war, she came to India from Burma with the family. His financial condition was very bad at that time. At the same time, Helen’s brother also passed away. Like how Helen’s mother found a job, but barely spent the house in that salary. Eventually, Helen also decided to work. His life was identified with a background dancer, so Helen got the same job. Helen used to dance best, seeing which she got a big chance in the film Howrah Bridge. And she enveloped the audience overnight. In this way Helen emerged as a big and excellent dancer.

Met Salim Khan in 1962

Helen, who left Burma and came to India, became such an unbreakable part of Salman Khan's family.

Helen was married to director PN Arora during this time. But this marriage soon broke up. Helen finally met Salim Khan in 1962. Gradually Helen started liking Salim and Salim Khan also gave heart to Helen. Eventually, both of them got married in 1980. At that time, this relationship was opposed not only by Salim Khan’s first wife Sushila Charak but also by her children. Salman Khan, Arbaaz and Sohail were all against this marriage and did not even talk to Helen.

Helen is an unbreakable part of the family today

Helen, who left Burma and came to India, became such an unbreakable part of Salman Khan's family.

Gradually, Helen’s nature started to be liked by everyone and it was found that Helen is really quite good. So not only Susheela Charak but Salman and all the children also adopted him. And today Helen has become an unbreakable part of Salman Khan’s family and her life.

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