How To Make Lungs Strong In Corona, Increase Capacity With These 5 Exercises

How To Make Lungs Strong In Corona, Increase Capacity With These 5 Exercises

Nowadays people are trying to strengthen their lungs to fight the corona virus. To stay healthy, you need to do exercises related to the lungs. Lungs provide pure oxygen to our body and every activity of the body is dependent on oxygen. Lungs carry oxygen to every part of our body. In such a situation, if you do exercises related to the lungs, then it helps you breathe better in oxygen in the lungs. Lung exercises play an important role in managing the airflow and oxygen levels in your lungs. Today we are telling you 5 exercises for lung health that you can do.

Exercise To Increase Lung Capacity

1- Laugh and sing- Laughing and singing is an exercise that not only increases the capacity of your lungs, but stale air comes out of the lungs. In this way, more and more fresh air goes into your body. The diaphragm muscles work by singing the song, which increases the capacity of the lungs.

2- Water-based exercises Water workouts are also good for fungi. For this, your body has to work hard. Water acts as a source of resistance. This makes the lungs strong. You can also do exercises like stretching and weight lifting in water.

3- Cardio Exercise- Cardio exercise is best for the lame. This increases the capacity of the lungs by leaps and bounds. You must do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. When you do brisk workouts, then the blisters have to work harder and their capacity increases considerably.

4- Workout in High Elevation Oxygen is reduced at high altitude. In such a situation, if you work out in the altitude, then the capacity of your lungs increases significantly. In such a situation you should start exercising slowly.

5- Pushing out and abdominal breathing Push ups for langs are a super power breathing exercise that provides the lungs with the ability to absorb oxygen. Apart from this, abdominal breathing is a very simple exercise in which you have to lie on your back with one hand on the stomach and keep the other hand on the chest.

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