डांस थेरेपी का उद्देश्य कोरोना महामारी के दौरान लोगों को मानसिक रूप से राहत देना है. Image- shutterstock.com

International dance day 2021 this special dance therapy is for frontline workers and corona survivors mental health remains healthy pur

The purpose of dance therapy is to give people mental relief during the corona epidemic.  Image- shutterstock.com

The purpose of dance therapy is to give people mental relief during the corona epidemic. Image- shutterstock.com

International Dance Day: Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) in India is also known as Creative Movement Therapy because it helps to maintain mental health.

International Dance Day 2021: Recalling the long lockdown imposed to prevent the Corona epidemic last year, dance therapist Tripura Kashyap and one of his colleagues spoke to each other about their work done at that time. He recalled how he used to try to keep family members confined inside at that time. He started an online dance therapy session in which any interested person could join. It was completely free for the people and was held on weekends under the name MOW. Tripura Kashyap says that people were locked in their homes and in such a situation it was very important for them to move. It is very important to take care of yourself in difficult circumstances at the time of an epidemic. This simple program was started to take care of itself. Sessions were also organized for special needs children and the elderly in MOW. A year later, Kashyap and his other partner are ready with a free dance therapy program. This time, this therapy session is for frontline workers, those recovering from corona, returning home, caring for corona victims, and families of coronovirus victims. Also read: International Dance Day 2021: Dance for better sleep and better blood circulation, lose weight This dance therapy is an online schedule of ten sessions in four batches, the first of which started on 5 April itself. Its purpose is to provide mental relief to the people during the corona epidemic. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) in India is also called Creative Movement Therapy as it helps to maintain mental health. Dance therapists through the movement in the body uncover Bhavnas and freshen up memories so that the mind remains healthy. Although there are no technical dance steps involved. Therapists take the help of classical and folk dances for better movement of the body. This new online program launched for home workers recovering from frontline workers and Kovid-19, Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI) and California, US The project is being run in joint collaboration with Barefoot Dance. The idea for this program, started for frontline workers and survivors of Corona, was given by Isha Mehta, an Indian-American student living in San Francisco. Also read – There will be no side effects after applying Corona vaccine, take these things in the diet Tripura Kashyap said that Isha is an 11th grade student in America, who had chosen dance therapy for her school project (Project Barefoot Dance). She met Tripura in Delhi two years ago. After the epidemic, she suggested that Seshen, an online dance therapy for frontline workers and people returning home from Kovid, could be started.