जब कामवाली घर पर आए तो उसे अपने हाथ-पैरों को अच्छी तरह धोने को कहें. Image-shutterstock.com

maid or household servant is coming at home in the corona era so take special care of these things pur

In view of the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic across the country, people are being asked to stay at home. State governments say that do not get out as much as possible to protect yourself from Corona. At the same time, complete lockdown has been imposed in many areas. People are being asked to wash their hands repeatedly with soap and handwash, essentially wear masks and adopt social distancing. At this time, it is very important to follow several rules while doing your security. By the way, these days everyone is aware, even if it is your workmate. He will also be aware of all these rules, but many times people do not take things seriously and make mistakes. There are many people who remain ignorant of information due to lack of education. In such a situation, keeping in mind your safety, you will have to go ahead and inform Med and ask him to follow these rules. Let us know which are those rules. Also read: After touching these things in the Corona period, do wash hands, otherwise it can be a serious problem. Please take care of these things when the med comes home-If meds are coming to your house or if you want to hire a new servant at this time, then make sure that there is no corona patient around the place from where they are coming. Keep it on work only after thoroughly investigating this matter, otherwise you may have to face heavy losses. -When the worker comes to the house, ask him to wash his hands and feet well. Ask to wash hands with hand wash for at least 20 seconds. You can keep water and hand wash for it at the main gate itself. After washing the hands, give a sanitizer to be applied on your hands. Keep in mind that he should take off his slippers outside the house. Do not allow chappals inside the house. Give him clean slippers to wear at home. When she is gone, she must disinfect the slippers she wore. If the worker is not following the rules, then be strict with her and ask her to wear a face mask. If possible, give him a new mask and head gloves when he comes home. -When the worker is present in your house, then not only him but also the other members of the house should also wear masks. This will reduce the risk of Kovid-19. -If there are children and old people in your house, then take care that do not let them come in contact with any outsider. When the workers at home come, ask the children and elders to sit away from it. Also read: ‘Tulsi decoction’ will work wonders in Corona era, everything will remain in control from immunity to sugar level -Do not let the meds touch everything in the house at this time. Where it needs cleaning, just let it touch the place or thing. -Be sure to wash the pots he has washed before using them. Also, take full care of personal hygiene. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)