Ramadan 2021: Avoid these habits during the holy month, it is harmful for health

Ramadan 2021: Avoid these habits during the holy month, it is harmful for health

The month of Ramadan passes very fast and during this time we are not able to adapt ourselves according to the month. We do not get time to improve the routine. Therefore, it is necessary to arrest the plan before Ramadan. It is very important to get rid of a few harmful habits. However, half a month of Ramadan has passed. Despite this, some changes can be brought about except for its bad habits. During the month of Ramadan, the worst sleep time is bad. It affects our daily routine. Often people are seen in sleepy state all the time in Ramadan, while the problem can be solved in time. & Nbsp;

Waking up all night, sleeping immediately after healthy or iftar
Experts refuse to sleep immediately after eating any food. This is said to be a harmful habit for human health. This habit proves more harmful during Ramadan because our body gets food after a long time, which takes time to digest and absorb. This habit increases constipation, gas, fatigue, and burdensomeness. May also face weight gain and heart disease. & Nbsp;

Increase the use of caffeinated tea
Some people use coffee or tea to refresh themselves or wake up to the sea. Excess use of caffeine during Ramadan may prove to be harmful. Experts say that drinking too much coffee or tea causes accumulated body secretion of water and that humans may soon become dehydrated. & Nbsp;

Not staying active
Not keeping yourself active or walking during Ramadan is a harmful habit. During the month of Ramadan, exercise has twice the benefits, while above all, a person feels active and agile and also digests food easily.

Keeping Roza without Sehri
Waking up early in the morning during Sehri is not easy for everyone. But it is not a good habit to keep fasting without eating sehri. It is a healthy habit to get up at the time of sehri and keep fast from sehri. By eating sehri, the cycle of the human body is balanced and the digestive system works better. & Nbsp;

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