मिल्क बाथ लेने से शरीर को ताज़गी और पोषण मिलता है-Image credit/pexels-kristina-nor

These bath types can be used to overcome many problems of the body.

Taking milk bath provides freshness and nourishment to the body- Image credit / pexels-kristina-nor

Taking milk bath provides freshness and nourishment to the body- Image credit / pexels-kristina-nor

Bathing during summer provides relief from heat and sweat. But if you take help of these bath types for bathing (Use these bath types) then you can get many more benefits along with getting relief from heat and sweat.

To get relief from heat and sweat, people take bath many times during the summer season. But it may give you freshness for a few moments but do not get any kind of benefit. Now you must be thinking that what can be the benefits of bathing? So, tell us that taking some special bath in the summer season (Taking some special bath) not only provides freshness to the body but also gets rid of many problems. Let’s know about those bath types, using which your body gets many benefits along with coolness and refreshment. Milk bath To give moisture and nutrition to the body, you can take the help of milk bath. For this, fill water in the bath tub and mix one or two glasses of raw milk in it. Also add a few drops of honey, rose water and almond oil. Then stay in the tub for some time and enjoy the milk bath. Between times, take the water in your hand and rub it gently on the body with hands. This will remove the dryness of the body and the body will get moisture. Also, you will get rid of dead skin and softness will also come in the skin. Along with this, nutrients like protein and calcium present in milk will also continue to reach the body. Also read: Multani clay is very beneficial for face, makes skin soft and beautifulLavender oil bath You can take a lavender oil bath to refresh the body and relax the mind. For this, you add a few drops of lavender oil in the bath tub. Then rest for some time in this water. This will provide moisture to your body and relax the mind. Also, with this bath, you will get relief from your mental stress and muscle tension. Also read: Know what is ‘bath bomb’? Make it like this at home and use it like this

Neem Bath

Put a few neem leaves in the bath tub, if desired, add two slices of lemon as well. Then enjoy this bath tub. With this bath, the body will get freshness as well as it will also get rid of germs that accumulate on the body due to sweat etc. Neem is antibacterial so this bath will also provide relief from pimples and prickly heat. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Contact the concerned specialist first.)