Turn to fresh vine juice in summer instead of cold drinks, know the tremendous benefits

The summer season demands to quench the thirst and the pleasurable, pleasing, seductive, fragrant and delicious beverages give a fresh breath of life to the scorching heat. Bell juice is one such fresh drink and one of the oldest drinks in India. It also has Ayurvedic importance. Indian vine is a magical detox drink that keeps us cool, fills with new energy, cleanses and nourishes the body with all the nutrients. These juices are usually used on the occasion of Mahashivaratri after finishing the fast. It is easy to digest and has a cool summer heat.

Benefits of Bell Juice
The fruit is nothing short of blissful as it works against health problems associated with sun and summer weather. & nbsp;

It is high in fiber, vitamins and all other nutrients which are essential for human body. & Nbsp;

Bell fruit is rich in thiamine and riboflavin. Both of these are effective in reducing the effect of chemical elements from the chemical body.

Its daily intake of juice keeps the intestine healthy and reduces all kidney problems. & Nbsp;

The use of vine juice with jaggery effectively fights against fatigue and loss of energy. & Nbsp;


These magical drinks are simple and easy to make. Chef Kunal Kapoor has told about it. For this, it is important that you follow their suggestions.

Ingredients for vine sorbet
Bell 1 big, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 liter of water, a little bit of mint leaves. Ice cube will need a little, a pinch of salt. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

How to make vine sorbet
Break the vine using the cylinder and take out the anus using a spoon.

Using your fingers, crush the rectum and remove the seeds. The seeds are very bitter. So make sure not to miss. & Nbsp;

Mix cold water and gently mash it again. Now, pour it in the sieve and press it against the sieve using a wooden spoon.

Remove the anus as far as possible. Add sugar to it and stir it to dissolve completely.

In a large pot, add ice cube, crushed mint leaves and pour the juice over the top. Shake and serve cold sorbet. & Nbsp;

You can add a pinch of salt. & Nbsp;

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